Richard the First, 1189 to 1199

Th Lionheart.

BORN: 8 September 1157, Beaumont Palace, Oxford.
PARENTS: Henry II (1133 - 89),
Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 - 1204).
MARRIED: Berengaria of Navarre (1163 - 1230),
12 May 1191, Chapel of St. George, Limasol, Cyprus.
ACCEDED: 6 July 1189
CROWNED: 2 September 1189, Westminster Abbey.
DIED: 6 April 1199,
Chalus, Limousin, France.
INTERRED: Fontevraud Abbey, France.

CHILDREN: 1 illegitimate child

Scottish Crown:
William I the Lyon

William Longchamps

Saladin (Muslim leader)

Archbishops of Canterbury:
Baldwin of Exeter
Reginald FitzJocelin
Hubert Walter

Clement III
Celestine III
Innocent III

Robin Hood, setting of [mythical]
Massacre of Jews, March 1190.
Richard I leaves for Crusade, 4 July 1190.
John opposes William Longchamps, Administrator of England, 1191.
Richard I's fleet separated at Cyprus, April 1191.
Cyprus taken, May 1191.
Richard I attacks Acre, 6 June 1191.
Acre falls to Richard I, July 1191.
Richard I shipwrecked, December 1192,.
Richard I captured by Emperor Heinrich VI, February 1193.
Richard I returns to England, Marhc 1194.
Battle of Fretevel, 3 July 1194
Siege of Chalus, Marhc 1199.

Contemporary portrait of Richard the First